Posted December 20th, 2021

What Can I Do with a Dental Assistant Education in Fort Worth?

Are you interested in becoming a Dental assistant in Fort Worth? The Fort Worth Dental Assistant School prepares you for an entry-level position in a Dental office. In less than 9 months, you could be a valuable member of an oral health care team, working side by side with dentists, hygienists, and administrative professionals in Fort Worth, dedicated to bringing the best in dentistry to patients in a Dental practice. A dental assistant education at Fort Worth Dental Assistant School is your conduit for success in Fort Worth.

Where Can I work as a Dental Assistant in Fort Worth?

Most Dental assistants work in Dental practices and assist Dentists and Dental hygienists. In and Fort Worth, local Dental practices include and other practices in Fort Worth. As an opportunity to network with Fort Worth Dental practices, you will be able to participate in the Fort Worth Dental Assistant School 40-hour externship program. This will prepare you for work in Fort Worth and allow you to put this real-world experience on your resume when it is time to find a Dental assistant job. This externship is an opportunity for you to work in local Dental offices in Fort Worth and start networking for your future career in Dental assisting.

What Jobs Can I Get with a Dental Assistant Education?

Most graduates of a Dental assistant program start out as entry-level Dental assistants working in a traditional Dental practice in Fort Worth. With experience, you can become an office manager, or Dental sales representative. With even more experience and education, you can become a Dental laboratory technologist, Dental hygienist or even a dentist. There are many paths to follow in your career as a Dental assistant in Fort Worth. The first step is getting an education at Fort Worth Dental Assistant School to help secure your future.

  • Prepare Tray Set-ups

  • Making sure supplies are available and ready for the dentist is a Dental assistant’s main role at a Dental practice. There are different Dental instruments that are used for each procedure, from exams, amalgam fillings and composite fillings, to crowns and root canals to name a few. Arranging these Dental instruments in the proper order helps prevent cross-contamination. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • Take X-rays

  • As a Dental assistant in Fort Worth, you are responsible for taking X-Rays, making sure X-Rays are clear of artifacts and uploaded properly to Dental management software systems. X-Rays can supplement a Dental exam performed on the outer surface of the teeth. The X-Rays allows the dentist to see beneath the surface of teeth and gums, to make a better diagnosis and decide on proper treatment.

  • Prepare Patients for Treatment

  • As a Dental assistant in Fort Worth, you will help manage patients before, during and after procedures and exams. Patients may come to the Dental office unaware of what to expect and this may cause them to be anxious. They may also have a bad experience with another Dental practice in Fort Worth. It is an opportunity for you to calm them down, fully explain what is going to happen and that they will be in good hands with the dentist. Before the exam or procedure, it is important for you to pre-screen the patient for new health concerns, allergies, environmental concerns in Fort Worth, medications they are currently taking and any nutritional problems. After the exam or procedure, it will be your responsibility to educate the patient for aftercare. Good communication is a key asset for a Dental assistant’s success.

  • Support Dentists and Hygienists During Procedures

  • The main function of a Dental assistant is to support dentists and hygienists during a procedure or exam. You will hand instruments, suction the patient’s mouth, prepare materials and identify the comfort level of the patient. This support is called four hand dentistry, you support the dentist’s two hands with your own two hands. Good communication and anticipation are key in the back and forth you will have with the dentist and hygienist.

  • Disinfect and Sterilize Equipment

  • It is important to disinfect the rooms and sterilize all the equipment between patients. You will learn how to use an autoclave to sterilize instruments and safeguard the patient from bacteria and viruses. With the influx of patients and staff at a Dental practice, it is important for you to thoroughly disinfect the Dental chair, fixtures, countertops, doorknobs, and any other surface that will be handled. This will keep everyone safe from infection.

  • Manage Dental Records

  • As Dental records transition to digital formats, you will need to become familiar with Dental management software. Many Dental practices in Fort Worth are working toward a goal of 100 percent digital records, and you will be a big part of this process. So, part of your job may be transitioning paper records to digital formats. Also, while you are handling Dental records, it is important to remember guidelines when sharing patient records, keeping information confidential for the patient’s privacy.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what you can do with a Dental assistant education, ready to learn more about Fort Worth Dental Assistant School? If you like helping people in Fort Worth and enjoy a fast-paced environment, becoming a Dental assistant in Fort Worth may be the right career path for you. Learn more about Fort Worth Dental Assistant School and join a growing industry that will be in demand for many decades to come.

Interested in graduating from a Dental assistant program in Fort Worth? The Dental Assistant training program has helped thousands of people start a new career in the Dental field at a fraction of the cost of other schools. We help you graduate debt free from Fort Worth Dental Assistant School by offering affordable tuition and flexible payment plans.

Contact Fort Worth Dental Assistant School today to learn more about becoming a Dental assistant in Fort Worth.
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